We take pride in the amount of craftsmanship that goes into our coffee, from the plant to the bean to the cup. We believe doing things on a small scale leads to greater quality control, which results in remarkably better coffee. Accordingly, we buy our beans from small, organic farms across the world, and only purchase beans that receive high cupping scores. Our beans are roasted in our Giesen 15 kilo small batch roaster onsite in our coffee shop. This allows us to pay close attention to detail and bring out the desired flavor qualities in each coffee varietal. We'll let the samples speak for themselves on this one. As a retailer ourselves, we understand the importance of having a reliable relationship with your vendor. When you place a wholesale order, your beans are roasted the day before delivery, allowing you to serve your customers the freshest possible coffee. Come enjoy an espresso and watch us roast in our shop. For wholesale inquiries please contact us at



541 359 1590